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Missions Monday – Bill Bianco

It’s Missionary Monday and today I am spotlighting Bill Bianco. I have served on Bill’s ministry team since he came to the Maryland area. It has been a pleasure serving along side of Bill and seeing his heart for ministry and reaching children/youth for Christ.

I asked Bill some questions and below are his answers:

What area do you serve?

National Capital Region consisting of Central and Southern Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC

 How long have you been an Awana Missionary? 6 Years

# of churches under your care:   213

Fun Facts: Favorite food, favorite sport, something interesting people don’t know about you, etc….

I enjoy eating, mainly comfort foods such as meat loaf, lasagna, mashed potatoes, ice cream and most pies.  I am an avid sports fan.  I love them all both to watch and play if I can.  I was a better than average softball player at one time and I actually have been on three slow-pitch softball All-star teams (one in Florida and two in different parts of Ohio).    I also served in the U.S. Navy for six years as a Nuclear Reactor Operator highlighted by serving on the USS Nimitz in 1980 during the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

Why are you an Awana Missionary?

I love being an Awana Missionary.  I can not think of anything else I would rather do.  I love it because it is where God has called me to serve.  He reminds me daily of His calling by His daily provision.  Serving God is a WOW thing when you know He wants you there.

Share something God is doing in your ministry

Since I became the Awana Missionary in the National Capital Region in 2004, my heart has been burdened by the number of Hispanic people in the area.  When we started there were no Spanish speaking churches that had Awana in our area.  Currently, with the help of Miguel and Lorena Montes, the Awana Hispanic Missionaries in the USA, we have now have five and just this month we held our first Hispanic Awana Missions Conference with a great attendance.  God is good.

How can we specifically pray for you over the next month?

We have a Commander College 101 on October 28-30 that we are hosting in North East Maryland as well as attending the North America Missionary Conference  for all Awana Missionaries in the USA in November in North Carolina.  Please pray that both events will draw those who attend closer to The Creator.

Ministry website:

Awana missionaries are 100% faith supported. They receive no commission on products sold, they rely solely on gifts and support from individuals and churches.

To find out more about Bill and to see how you can support him and his ministry in the National Capital Region, click here…

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