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My Competitiveness Humbles Me

If you are a follower of mine on Twitter, FaceBook, the website, or this blog, then you know that for the last two weeks, I have been in the midst of the Kid’s Ministry Blog Madness tournament type competition between children’s ministry blogs. Yes, there is an iPad2 at stake for the winner, but honestly, that is not motivating me in the contest. Yes, I would like to have it for mnistry purposes, but the competitive side of me, and the fun of the contest, is really what is motivating me.

There are several good children’s ministry blogs, some with followers/readers of thousands, some with just a few. Some are written by nationally known and respected leaders in children’s ministry and then there is mine. Know I don’t say that to belittle myself, but the blog and most of the focus of it is on ONE ministry, Awana. Yes, there are general principles that apply to all children’s ministry, but in general, I am seen as the “Awana guy” and a resource for informaiton about Awana.

My competitive side drives me to solicit votes for the blog in the contest to do well, but as I read the Facebook posts in support of me and my blog from others in Awana, in my local church and that I know, it humbles me to know that I have impacted theri lives in some way that they want to promote the blog, as well as the many who are voting to help advance me through the “madness”. In the first round I received the most votes of any of the many wonderful blogs, and now I have the 2nd highest vote total against one of the nationally known authors of a blog!

The competition is hard, but enjoyable. I am up against a formidable competitor this week and I realize that I may not advance to the next level. No, I am not giving up, or conceding, but they have shown their ability to close a big lead quickly and easily which I did not face in the first round.

Consequently, I am donating $1 for every vote that I receive today (3/24) through the end of this Sweet 16 round (on Sat. 3/26) to Awana International. Some may view this as gimmick to garner votes, and yes, it may be, but I want this contest to be more than just promoting my blog, or the other great blogs. I want to use it to help others and this week may be the only opportunity to do so. What good does it do to show that I can get people to respond to a recommendation if that recommendation is “win ME an iPad2!” ? So I want to use this “contest” to help others by raising awareness of what Awana International is doing and contribute to children around the world coming to know, love & serve Jesus. Won’t you join me in this venture?

To Vote for my blog (Commander Bill) this week, go to and scroll to the East Regional – each vote is $1 to Awana International. I would also ask you to consider voting for “kidmin1124” in the West regional. I am one of many authors for that blog as well and I would like to see it advance to the Final Four.

To learn more about Awana International, go to:

Finally, I would ask that you consider your local Awana missionary. They are faith supported and can use your support. You can donate on-line by going to:

Each Monday we highlight an Awana missionary (locally and internationally). You can view the ones we have highlighted to date by going to:

Thank you!

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  1. Buying votes! Now why didn’t I think of that! LOL What a great idea! Maybe I’ll do that if I make it to the Final Four! I votes for ya Bill! And maybe I’ll just promise everyone to give you the iPad2 if I win. (maybe!)

  2. Thanks Karl. If I don’t make the Final Four, I will be endorsing one of the finalists. If I do, then I’ll be “buying” more votes for a worthy cause as I hope the others in the Final Four would do.

    P.S. – I’d be glad to accept the iPad2 if you win :-), but whoever you are led to give it to, I know they will use it well for ministry.

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