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Non-Negotiable: Fun-Engaging-Interactive

Recently I posted about the non-negotiables of an effective ministry. This is an expanded look at some of those non-negotiables.

Many people are discouraged when parents pick up their children and the first thing they ask the child is, Did you have fun?” I used to be upset by that until I realized that wasn’t the real question. The question they are really asking is, Did the lesson keep your attention?


If your ministry has the children sitting quietly in their chairs, then chances are, you are losing their interest and they are not engaged or learning. Children learn through play, and they have energy to burn.

I’ve used songs with motions, and during the lesson I always try to gain conversation and feedback. I want that interaction. It keeps the children. Activities that re-enforce the lesson are also important.

Depending on the time that you have, the more flexibility you have to engage the children in the lesson. The more engaged the children are, the more fun they will have, and the more they will learn.

How much fun is your children’s ministry? What do you do to engage the children and make it interactive?


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