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Non-Negotiable: Purpose & Passion

Recently I posted about the non-negotiables of an effective ministry. This is an expanded look at one of those non-negotiables.


In this post I will be combining two of the non-negotiables I mentioned because they are difficult to separate. The two non-negotiables are Purpose and Passion/Enthusiasm.

I often tell people that I am like a 2 year old because I’m always asking “why?”.  Why are we doing something? What is its purpose?

I often talk to leaders who are tired. Serving in their club or ministry has become routine as they go through the required administrative tasks. They have forgotten the purpose, the reason why they do what they do. They have lost that passion and enthusiasm to serve. They probably haven’t seen God move in the ministry because they’ve stopped looking.

When we lose sight of the purpose, then we lose our passion and enthusiasm for the ministry as well. When you lose that, there is a trickle down effect that the children notice. After all, if you don’t care, why should they?

If you’re tired and lost focus on why you serve, then take a time to rest, focus on God and why we do ministry to children. It is not to get them to pass handbooks, not to let them just have fun, not to meet some man-made criteria. It is to share God’s love and the Gospel to children so they may come to know, love and serve Him.

When we remember that we are there for the children, to show them Jesus in whatever way reaches them, then we can begin to focus on Jesus, and the passion and enthusiasm will return. The children will see our passion and respond to our enthusiasm.

Purpose, its a non-negotiable. You need to remember why you are doing what you are doing, ignite that passion and let that flame spread.


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