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Observations about a Local Church Closing # 2

Today I continue my observations from a local church that held its last service this past Sunday.

The first observation was that children’s ministry are important. In the last few years, they eliminated their children’s ministry.

This next item deals with ministry philosophy and how things have changed over the last century. Here is the excerpt from the article:

“… the United Methodist Church organized in the area during the time of “horse and buggies” and houses of worship were established within a few miles of each other. With modern transportation, he said, that has created a “real estate overload.”

Churches today are more regional than community based

This is an interesting point! Over 100 years ago, people did not travel far because it was inconvenient. Local churches would do better at maintaining membership. But one might suggest that as the population in an area grows, that these churches would grow as well, but instead the “market” becomes over-saturated as they “compete” with each others for members.

In today’s culture, it is not uncommon that a church draws from the region and not the local community. In many communities there are churches on almost every corner “competing” to reach the community. Which brings me to my next observation from the article….

“… three congregations … agreed to merge to establish a campus-like setting.

“When churches can ban together it makes for an effective arrangement,” he said. “In many cases it’s a great alternative.”

Churches working together have a greater impact for the Kingdom

These churches combined because of dwindling attendance in one or more of them. I have had the opportunity to partner with other churches (of varying denominations) several times and I can tell you first hand that God does amazing things when we work together for Him. Also, being in a “small” church, partnering with others gives me an opportunity to offer ministries I might not be able to offer. But even being in a small church, I still have the opportunity to bless other churches that are larger than ours. It is a two way partnership, working together to reach kids for Him.

There are many opportunities, we just need to be open to the possibilities.


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