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One Word Changes Everything

At the third Main Gathering at the 2016 CMConference by CMConnect, Barry Newton (i.e. Squirt the Clown) shared about his struggles and the one word that changed his life.


That word…. however

He shared several Scriptures, I am only going to share two.

Matthew 14:22-29 where Peter walked on water. That was pretty bold of Peter. Imagine getting out of the boat. Most of us would have been like the other disciples who stayed in the boat thinking, ya, you go Peter, we’ll watch you sink, but he took that step out of the boat and actually walked on the water! When he faltered, Jesus was right there to help Him. Can you hear the other disciples saying see, we knew you’d sink, but He walked on water! Peter said I may sink, however, Jesus is out their and I’m going out. What would have happened if Peter did not take that step? What if he never said, however?

Then the most epic however, one I shared often over the last few weeks, from Luke 22:41-42. Jesus is praying in the garden asking His Father to take this cup away from Him. Jesus knew the physical and spiritual anguish He was about to face and wondered if there was any other way, but being God, He knew this was the only way. Jesus said the most important however ever spoken. He said, however, not my will but yours be done.

When God calls us to do something, we can either run from it, or embrace it. Like so many in the Bible, we can find reasons why God can’t use us, or embrace what He wants to do through us.

Barry stutters. How could God use someone who has difficulty speaking to share His word to people around the world? The doubts come often, yet God is using him in mighty ways.

What is keeping you from serving? What is keeping you from saying, “However, I will embrace what God is calling me to do”?

I know that in my life, I have often questioned God if I was worthy. Why He chose to use me, and time and time again, He has shown me how He is using me to reach others for Him. I too struggle at times saying “however”. How about you? What is keeping you from saying “however”?


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