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I Feel Like a Crook

I know that it is wrong to take advantage of people. Lately, I’ve felt like I’ve been stealing ministry resources from publishers, developers and all. You see, I’ve been getting some amazing resources at deep discounts, sometimes free and if you’ve seen the pictures from Black Friday early sales with people waiting outside and then rushing to get in, then that’s what this is like. Children’s ministry leaders poised at their keyboards looking for the early bird deals. We’ve all gone crazy!!!!

And do you know who else has gone crazy? Jenny of about She and the crew at work to get these amazing deals together for you to help you with your budget, and once you take advantage of them, you may also feel like you should be locked up.

Why is the website called Only 144? Because you only have 144 hours to get the deal and then it’s gone. So now you’re wondering what kind of deals you can get…. how does about $2,000 worth of materials for $97 sound? It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it, but it is TRUE! I’ve gotten in on several of these deals and it is the real deal.

The next sale begins tomorrow (Friday, March 16, 2012) at high noon EDT and will run for 144 hours. At 11:45 am, many will be poised by their keyboards waiting for the “doors to open” to be one of the first to order to get in on some extras.

Whether you catch this deal or not, I encourage you to check it out and look for future deals. There will definitely be something that you can use.

To check out the current deal and all that is included, click on the banner below, and tell them Commander Bill sent you!



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