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In the church setting I am known as Pastor Bill. During the week of camp, I followed Tom Bump‘s lead (He goes by “PT”) and at camp I was called “PB”. Now most people when they hear PB think of peanut butter and what good is peanut butter without jelly? So on my name tag I had written “PB&J”. It made a great connection with the campers, and I was also able to use it to teach them about Jesus.

Let me explain, the “PB” stood for “Pastor Bill”. Do you want to guess what the “J” stood for?

The “J” stood for “Jesus”. My name tag read “Pastor Bill & Jesus”. It emphasized that God is always with us, and when people see us, they should see Jesus. It also becomes a visual reminder every time they have a PB&J sandwich

This past summer at camp, one of the campers who’s initials were also “PB”, began to use PB&J as well. It was something fun, memorable and taught them about God.

What are some creative ways you share Jesus with the children in your ministry?





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