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Preview the NEW T&T Uniforms and Books

I just saw the new uniform jersey for the 5th & 6th graders and I LIKE IT!!!! The information is in the A.R.T. area of the Awana web site. I added the pdf files here for your convenience. The Books for 5th & 6th Graders have also gone back to the spiral binding. Take a look at the links belows and then comment with your initial thoughts.

Ultimate Adventure (3rd & 4th Graders)
Book Covers / Uniform / Awards

Ultimate Challenge (5th & 6th Graders)
Book Covers / Uniform Jersey

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  1. The jerseys look great! Not sure about the Awards, though anything would be an improvement on the badges. I still think some velcro would fix the badge problem. Are the Streamwood badges made with flexible rubber like the new Wings? The posts easily tear out or do we just have ‘rough’ Sparks? 🙂 Are there options for clubs without 6th graders? (Church youth same as school Jr and Sr High). We will not want new uniforms for just one year in 5th. Will my 5th graders still proceed in the book order: Adventure 1, Adventure 2, then Challenge 1? (And Challenge 2 for motivated clubbers?)

  2. I do not know what material the Streamwood badges are, whether they are like the crowns, or like the badges now. I have only seen the pdf file, not the actual product. It appears to me as if the bones may be adhesive backed, but again, I am not sure. reading the notes, I believe the clubber would select what color bone to receive as they complete Discoveries, so one clubber could have all blue bones while another has different colors, etc.

    A clubber would progress through the books as you stated and how your club would handle just 5th graders would be up to you. Though with the new shirt specifically saying Ultimate Adventure, instead of challenge, they want a new shirt. Also, with growth spurts, they may outgrow their shirts. I generally give 3rd graders oversized shirts anticipating they will use them for three years. I may not have to do that now, if they get a new shirt at 5th grade.

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