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Product Review: Sprout Box

While at the 2016 Children’s Pastors Conference, I did not explore a lot of the vendor booths in the resource center. I did go to some and found some interesting things. One booth that I stopped at was for a subscription service entitled “Sproutbox Kids”


One thing that caught my attention is that Sproutbox has a partnership with Awana. You are probably asking, “What is Sproutbox?” From their website:

SproutBox is a monthly box subscription designed to create unforgettable family-based Bible experiences with AR technology, interactive curriculum, and easy-to-follow parent guides to facilitate faith-shaping conversations with your kids (ages 4-10).

The mission of SproutBox is simple: to help parents and kids engage God’s Word in new creative ways.

The box I got had the lesson of Abraham. In the box are four components:


  1. A puzzle to captivate. Using an app on your smartphone or tablet, the puzzle comes to life in 3-D animation
  2. A Bible storybook for the child to help them go deeper into God’s Word
  3. A step-by-step guide and lesson plan to help parents facilitate a Bible study with their family
  4. A hands-on activity with all the supplies & materials included to help reinforce the Bible story.

The puzzle that comes with it is a 20-piece puzzle, easy for children to put together. Once I put the pule together, I called my wife in to show her. I had the app open and instructed her on how to use it. When the story “came to life”, she kept looking over the phone to see the flat puzzle amazed at the 3-D animated story she was now viewing. This animation will capture your child’s imagination.


The flat puzzle


Puzzle animated, viewed through the app

Puzzle animated, viewed through the app


Once you subscribe, Sproutbox is delivered to you each month. Imagine your child waiting with expectation for the next Sproutbox to arrive to see what is inside and see the next lesson. Children will become eager to learn about God.

I was very pleased with what I saw with the Sproutbox that I received at CPC. To find out more, to watch a brief video, subscribe to the box or their e-mail list, please visit their website at


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