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Technology is here. Depending upon where you are geographically, and how the families in your ministry view technology, the impact on your ministry will vary, but no matter what, technology impacts your ministry.

While I am not an early adopter of technology (my android tablet is several years old, the PC i am typing this on is just over 4 years old and time for an update), I did embrace it early on. I’m also not on the “cutting edge”, but I know the impact technology can have in  reaching people with the Gospel.

digital-nativeWhen I was young, I might have been given a blank piece of paper to write on to keep me “occupied”, today it is common to see parents giving their young child their smart phone or tablet to “occupy” the child to keep them quiet and “behaving”. Video game graphics are phenomenal and children are seeing high quality graphics as the norm (of course Minecraft may be the exception with its pixelated appearance).

If we are going to reach the next generation, the generation younger than we are, then we must do what we can to embrace the technology they are using. It is all about relationships. If we cannot relate to the things that influence them, the things important to their life, then we will have difficulty reaching them with the Gospel.

What are you doing to embrace technology to reach this generation?


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  1. I agree. I do have three Awana apps. I use Sparky Shines His Light when kids are waiting for their parents, it never gets old. The Awana Gospel Message app is excellent. I’ve used parts of of the KIDS section for Sparks verse memorizing, but the “MAN” section on explaining Romans 3:23 can’t be beat. I’ve had problems with the Missions App.It keeps locking up on my phone. I’ll keep working with it. But kids love technology.

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