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Recruiting 101 – Scan the Congregation

Recruiting is a topic that is always brought up when talking to children’s ministry leaders. Over the next few weeks, I will be providing a few tips to hopefully help you recruit new leaders.

The first tip actually came from someone else who mentioned that they do it. During a typical Sunday morning service, take time and look around at the others in the service during greeting time (if you have one), or as people arrive for services and activities and see who is making an effort to reach out to the children. If people seem to be reaching out to children, then they may be a good fit for your children’s ministry.

So if you see someone reaching out to children, approach them and tell them you saw them interacting with the children and you think they might be a good fit in children’s ministry and ask them to be a part.

Remember before you ask someone to serve, you should talk to the Senior Pastor, or designate, to see if they know of any reason the person may not be qualified for children’s ministry. I also recommend that you do background checks on all volunteers. Just because someone interacts well with children does not always make them a good candidate for children’s ministry. I know from personal experience.

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