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Reflecting on 2017… Change Coming in 2018

The year is quickly coming to a close and it is generally a time to reflect on the past year and look forward to the new year.

Even though I have not posted as often as I generally prefer to write, this year had the most visits and most page views than any previous years. The pages that continue to top the list with the most visits are: Bible Quizzing, Resource Downloads, and Record Keeping Software. This tells me that the core of the site continues to be supporting the local club to help them strengthen their ministry to children and youth.

As I look at the most read posts, I see them falling into two categories: “Click Bait”/Controversial and the T&T Update.

The most read post for 2017 was Why I Left The Kidmin Mega-Con Early. I was immediately accused of using “click bait” by many people with this title. The reality is that people read the title and expect it to be negative feedback about the conference even though that is never implied by the title. People seem to think that they have been tricked into reading the post when they find that the reason why I left the conference was not over some controversy, but because of another commitment.  So read the post and tell me if you think it is click bait.

Other top “click bait” and controversial posts included:

The other popular posts show me that the majority of visitors to the site are focused on Awana. Either seeking guidance and resources, or looking for someone who agrees with their concerns/complaints about Awana.

Surprisingly, one post that is two years old yet remains as one of the top posts each year. It is Is the Harry Moon Book Series Christian? It was post written when a prominent voice in children’s ministry promoted a book and then my thoughts about it. It reminds us that we need to evaluate items for ourselves and not just rely on the marketing of a product by someone else.

2017 has been an interesting year. I found myself working overtime at my full-time job throughout the year including 70+ hour weeks during the late summer, along with serving in ministry in the local church, Commander Bill, and more. I led workshops/breakouts at a national conference in Indiana and at five Awana Ministry Conferences in North Carolina, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. I continue to be the “voice of Summit” through their blog and social media. 2017 also saw the end of the short-lived CommanderBill app because of changes to Apple’s policies, my app host ceasing their service, and the greatly increased cost to maintain it on another platform.


What does 2018 hold?

One can never say for sure, but I sense that it will be a time of change for me. While I don’t know what that might look like, I sense that change is on the horizon in both ministry and my full-time job. My goal for Commander Bill is to continue to be a resource for those serving in Awana and children’s ministry in general. I would ask that you pray for me for guidance, wisdom, and courage to follow His leading as we enter the new year, and throughout the year.

I am looking forward to what God will do in 2018.

If you would like to donate to Commander Bill to help offset costs of running and all that goes with it, then please visit the Support page and become a member, or make a donation. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to being a continued resource and respected voice in 2018.


Updated: December 28, 2017 — 5:53 am

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