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Road Trip!



I’ve shared before about the importance of networking. As this is being posted, I will be on my way to the Children’s Pastors Conference (CPC) on a road trip with three others.

I am looking forward to the week as this is my first time attending CPC and I will have the opportunity to reconnect with several I already know, meet “face to face” several people I know from online networking, and connect/network with others.

I will also be attending the Awana pre-conference sessions to learn the latest from Awana as well as the club technology session sharing about the new technology Awana plans to release this spring.

I will be sharing through the week, and after, the various things I learn while at CPC as well as some of the experiences.

If you are attending CPC, please look for me so I can meet you and say “Hi”. I’d love to get to know you, network and encourage one another.


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  1. come see me at the Narnia booth! Would love to talk Awana!

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