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Secrets About Awana


During my visit to Awana a few weeks ago, we learned some of Awana’s deepest secrets. Some things that many people do not know. I’m about to reveal some of those secrets.


  • Awana reaches over 2.3 million children around the world
  • About 60% of the Awana clubs are not in the Unites States
  • Every year Awana hosts an event at Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, LA called Returning Hearts as part of the Awana Lifeline ministry (happening this weekend!)
  • Awana at Home is material designed to help parents and churches work together to disciple children.
  • Truthseekers is a program designed for churches with small, or no budget, or where the traditional club may not be effective.
  • Truthscripts gives individuals, families and churches a memory challenge
  • The are over 100 individuals serving as missionaries for Awana in the United States, making themselves available as children’s ministry consultants
  • Awana has youth ministries (that’s right, it doesn’t end at 5th or 6th grade!)
  • Several colleges offer scholarships for completing handbooks

Okay, I must admit, these are not top secret. Information about all of these things are readily available if one looks for them; however, many involved in Awana clubs in the United States are not aware of many of these things, as was evidenced during my visit to Awana with the other bloggers. Awana is not just clubs.

In the coming weeks, as Awana prepares for the public launch of the new website and all in June, I’ll be sharing more about what Awana is doing, both in the United States and internationally. Some of these stories may be yours. Share with me how Awana has been an outreach for you locally, and internationally.

It’s time to get these “secrets” out and show that Awana is more than just a club. It is a multifaceted ministry reaching children and families in many different ways.

Share your story today….



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