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Read the signs!

This past weekend was an interesting one in a city nearby. Because of construction there was a road closed and people would drive up to where the construction was and had to turn around. News crews were out interviewing drivers who stated that the road crews had to publicize it better and put out signs to warn people. The drivers were quite upset.

What the drivers didn’t realize was that there were several signs posted up to 2 miles away warning of the closure and posting the detour route. The drivers were quite embarrassed when they realized they had missed all of the signs.

This past weekend we had a special Awana night and some parents didn’t know specifics and were asking questions. When this parent checked with others, some knew the specifics because they “read the signs”. They checked the blog, read the “newsletter” made available the week before, etc. They “read the signs”.

No matter how much we try to communicate with parents, we will fail at times. The key is to keep using several methods of communication continually and hopefully something will connect with them. But ultimately, like the drivers on the road, the parents need to pay attention and look for the signs and information. But even if they don’t, keep posting it and putting it out there. Don’t get discouraged, just keep the information available in several places, and in several formats and try to be gracious when they come up and say, “I didn’t know”.

Updated: December 16, 2010 — 11:25 pm

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