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Missionary Spotlight – Rick Glover

It’s Missionary Monday and today I am spotlighting Rick and Mary Glover. I met Rick at Awana HQ a few years back when I was there for Commander College 201. He facilitated the discussion around the table I was sitting at during one session.

I asked Rick some questions and below is his response:

What area do you serve? Indiana

How long have you been an Awana Missionary? 14 years

# of churches under your care: 118 in the northern third of Indiana – Helping my colleague further south with the other 157 as needed (we are down by 1 Missionary as of this past July). We had 3.

Fun Facts: Favorite food, favorite sport, something interesting people don’t know about you, etc….

[Rick] Food: Easier to list what I don’t like to eat… Asparagus and Brussels Sprouts. Sports: I enjoy playing [at] golf. I like to watch NFL Football, especially the Colts! Something people may not know about me: I am a huge fan of Eeyore, but I try not to be one.

[Mary] Food: “Anything I don’t have to fix…” Sport: Walking. Something people may not know: “Mingling in crowds is way out of my comfort zone.”

Why are you an Awana Missionary?

It is an enjoyable way that God has provided me to help spread His gospel, not only in my own witness, preaching and teaching, but as I train Awana leaders at all levels, and help them discover how to use Awana the most effective way possible for them to reach their community — little boys & girls, bigger boys, girls, teens & families with the gospel and great discipleship.

Share something God is doing in your ministry

God is growing and stretching us as we come alongside Awana Leaders and Pastors to encourage them in ministry and provide training opportunities. He is also providing much needed wisdom as we promote having attitudes of excellence towards ministry among “our” churches, and the churches considering Awana.

How can we specifically pray for you over the next month?

We need to replace some recently-lost support, and we are promoting our upcoming Commander Colleges (101 & 201) this coming May. We also are working diligently on Awana Ministry Conference for this coming Fall.

Ministry website:

Awana missionaries are 100% faith supported. They receive no commission on products sold, they rely solely on gifts and support from individuals and churches. To learn more about Rick and his ministry and to see how you can support him, click here…

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