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Surviving a Significant Transition


We all have seasons of life. In this breakout, Brent Dumler referenced four seasons of life that we all go through.

  • Being on the mountain top where everything is going well. On the mountain top, we don’t always seek God as we should because we are comfortable and think that it will stay that way. We take it for granted.
  • Heading into a valley – The mountain top experience does not always last long and at some point we begin to head to the valley. We are not in the valley, but we see it coming. That descent can be a few minutes, or it can take months.
  • Being in the valley – If you are older, or watch old TV shows, you may remember the TV show Hee Haw and the sketch they had where they talked about the doom, despair, and agony on them. We think that we will never get out and it is when we call on the God the most and seek Him.
  • Heading back to the mountain top – I might have said heading out of the valley because you may not reach the mountain top, but things are getting better. You feel relief and you see a way out of the gloom. You begin looking forward to tomorrow.

Our season of life doesn’t matter, our obedience to God is what matters.

Whatever transition you are going through, Brent gave four keys to get through it:

  1. Be routine: Keep something “normal” in your life. Don’t change your entire routine, try to maintain it as much as possible.
  2. Be still: Rest in God, listen for His voice to guide you.
  3. Be social: don’t isolate yourself. Continue to attend staff meetings, small groups, etc.
    When I transitioned out of my previous position, I opted not to attend the last meeting unless they wanted me there. I had my reasons, but in retrospect, I should have attended.
  4. Be obedient: to God and the authority over you.

Transitions are not easy, but you can survive them by being obedient to God.

You can read more insight from Brent on his blog at, or following him on twitter (@Brent_Dumler).


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