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The Awana Gospel Message App

This week, the new app from Awana to help you share the gospel was pre-released for the Droid operating system. The official release for the app on Droid and iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc) will be Thursday, April 21, 2011. Yes the day before Good Friday. In time for you to share the message of Easter with your family and friends.

I am very pleased with the app. It offers you the ability to share in three different formats (Kids, teens and adults) and three different translations (KJV, NIV and Spanish). Each format operates the same, whichever translation you select.

The adult format is basic with just the scriptures. The teen version provides discussion questions and answers to help you share and reach the teen that is questioning, making them think and understand. The kids’ version is very graphic and interactive. A great way to engage the children. Everyone that I have shown it to has been impressed with the ease of use and relation to each age group.

I could keep going on and on about it, but I think the best way is to show you, so I recorded the app and how it works on my droid phone. I apologize for the blurriness, I wasn’t able to get the app to focus on my phone as it does in other videos, but you still see how the app works. I encourage you to download it and add it to your “toolbox” of ways to share the Gospel. Please leave your comments below, and if you download it, please leave a review here and in the Droid market for others to see. Did I forget to mention that the app is FREE!

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