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The Conference Dilemna

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The time when most Awana leaders are putting Awana behind them, not visiting the forums, not visiting, not worried about Awana at all.

Contrasting that are the Awana missionaries and ministry teams that are busy scheduling PCDL Meetings, Basic Trainings and the fall conference. The missionaries and ministry teams face challenges of providing sessions during the conference that leader want and find useful. The challenge for the missionary planning the conference is meeting the needs/wants of the “newbie” leader and the veteran leader. “Newbies” are overwhelmed, veteran leaders see the “same old thing”.

I’ve noticed something over the years about conferences. Workshops/sessions are good, but the greater impact is not what is taught in the sessions, but the interactions and networking of Awana leaders from other clubs. Learning from one another, establishing a support network, realizing that reaching kids and youth for Christ is not just a local church thing, but a global endeavor.


If you’d like to see a specific topic covered at a conference, then I encourage you to do two things… first, tell your Awana missionary, and second, take my Facebook Poll and share with others. If you are a veteran leader, consider leading a workshop.

Conferences are what you make of them. Make this fall’s Awana Leadership Conference one to remember.



Updated: June 23, 2011 — 7:58 am

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