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The Good Ol’ Days

We all have memories of days gone by and reference the good ol’ days. But what really are the good ol’ days?

We look at those days as maybe simpler times, less stress, less worries and how people treated one another.

In another 20 years, we may look at these days as the “good ol’ days”, even though they may not feel like it now.

As you work with your clubbers and the children in your ministry, remember that these ARE the “good ol’ days” for them. As they look back on their “good ol’ days”, will you be part of the picture? Or are you building barriers by not relating to them and their interests, by not keeping up with technology they use, etc. You don’t need to be an expert in it all, but you should have a basic understanding.

Build those relationships with your clubbers, so as they look back at their “good ol’ days”, they will have fond memories of their time in Awana and the other ministries for children where they participated.


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