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The Halloween Debate

In several children’s ministry blogs and sites, the discussion about Halloween is in the forefront. There are a couple of reasons for that, one is because it helps drive traffic to the site and isn’t that what we all want, more traffic to our sites?

I don’t want to initiate a debate, and please do not comment on how you handle the Halloween debate. Yes, I have my view and I’ll be glad to share if asked but I want to just give you one thing to think about this weekend as we approach October 31st…

No matter what our view of the day and activities may be, the way we interact with people about Halloween will either draw them to Jesus, or drive them away. Which will you be doing?

Updated: October 29, 2010 — 7:22 am

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  1. The Awana Club at Oakleaf Baptist Church in Orange Park, Florida
    will be meeting for club just like always on Sunday 10/31/10.
    We are making it special with 15 increments of rotating between
    different activities. The fifth one all will attend is a the
    carving of a pumpkin as it relates to the gospel which will give
    a full gospel presentation we think it is important because this might be a night for many visitors. 2 other rotations will be games — ring toss around the pumpkin and Bible devotional regarding and using the word GLOW in talking about our walk with the Lord. At each station the children will receive candy for their bag. Each child will receive a mini flash light with the word SHINE on it, also a magnetic cross that glows in the dark with a verse on it.

    2 Goals – To present the gospel in a fun, exciting way for
    children and to give the regular Awana clubbers a God fun filled night.

    Rhonda Carmichael
    Awana Commander

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