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The Tear Stained Cloth



I write this on the morning of Good Friday. A day when we remember the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross for you, for me. A day for us to remember our lives prior to knowing Jesus and what He did for us. A day to remember the sin that kept us from a true relationship with God. Sure, we might have said I believe in God, maybe even that we were a “christian”, but it is not until you realize your sin, until I realized my sin, that we truly understood.

I think back on the tears shed, that tear stained cloth, as I realized my sin and all that God went through to bring me back to Him. Tears that were inexplicable as I saw His Holiness and Might. As the years go by so fast, it is easy to forget that tear stained cloth. That time when God made Himself so real to me. The day I truly came to know Him.

As we remember Good Friday, remember your tear stained cloth. Remember what Jesus did for you to bring you back to Him.



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