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The Word of the Day

The Word for the day is “Intentional”. We need to be intentional.

Last weekend at Commander College, I saw Larry Fowler (Executive Director of Global Training for Awana) jogging in the light rain outside the hotel. I was impressed by that. I was even more impressed when I heard that he was running on the treadmill when the hotel had a power issue that caused the fitness room to lose power. Larry said that the only option was to jog in the light rain. He was intentional about exercising and nothing was going to stop him. He wouldn’t allow travel to be an excuse.

We need to be the same way in ministry and in our personal growth in the Lord. We need to be intentional to reach the children and leaders in our care. We need to be intentional to read the Bible and pray. We need to be intentional to show the Light of Jesus in the dark world. We need to be intentional.

It is not always easy, but by renewing our minds, it can be done.



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  1. I’m intentional to tweet everyday. If the power goes out, I will go to the library to tweet. LOL

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