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They Want to Serve…


Have you ever heard people express that children’s ministry is important because the children are the church of tomorrow? If you hold to that theory, then what you are saying is that children are not part of the church today and God cannot use them. That may not be what you mean, but that’s the message you are unintentionally sending.

In my ministry, I seek to find ways that children can serve. I have had 5th & 6th graders run the “tech side” of the ministry. Operating the computer (PowerPoint or MediaShout), the DVD player , the sound board, etc. Children of all ages help lead worship during children’s church and during family services. Youth assisted leading game time during Awana.

I see children and youth stepping up, eager to serve in many areas. They are examples to those younger to them, and often they can be examples to those older to them as well. Children who have operated the computer during KidzChurch are now operating the computer in the adult service. I used the same software in KidzChurch as they do in the adult service so that they would be prepared to serve there. Serving in children’s ministry IS NOT the minor league preparing them for the “majors”, it is just as important and gives the an opportunity to serve.

I’m blessed every time I hear a child express a desire to serve God in some way. Allowing children to serve shows them that they are a part of God’s family now and it prepares them to minister and reach others as they get older. Isn’t that our goal, our purpose? To teach children about Jesus so they come to know, love and SERVE Jesus?

Do you just educate children about Jesus, or are you discipling them, showing them how to love and serve? Are you giving them opportunity to show their love for God by serving?

Children are not just the church of tomorrow, when they put their faith in Jesus, they are part of the church of today. Give them a chance to be a part, give them the opportunity to serve.


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