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T&T Awards Change for 2014-15


If there was an announcement, I missed it. But the latest change in the award system for T&T comes with the Silver and Gold extra credit sections.

From the Awana 2014-15 catalog and online store:

Award one silver emblem per two completed silver sections, for a total of four per handbook. Award one gold emblem per two completed gold sections, for a total of four per handbook.

silver_goldThis new method provides an incentive as one continues to work through the silver and gold sections as opposed to the previous receipt of a pin for completion of all silver or gold sections.

Currently the Awana website seems to indicate only one patch per completion of all sections completed by showing only one patch for each book, though there is currently no link to information verifying the silver and gold extra credit patches.

This question, how to award the silver and gold emblems, is being discussed on the Awana community forums, though as of this post, a representative from Awana has not engaged the conversation yet.

As you look at providing awards for your clubbers this year, keep this new method for silver and gold extra credit sections in mind.


UPDATE: I received an e-mail from Kristi at Awana with the “official” response from Awana regarding the change to the silver/gold extra credit awards:

Awana recommends that kids receive one silver extra-credit emblem per two completed silver sections and one gold extra-credit emblem per two completed gold sections. We received feedback that more recognition was in order for kids who complete silver and gold sections in addition to standard handbook requirements. This new method will provide milestone achievements that recognize and are more in balance with the hard work these kids are doing.

To further clarify, the extra-credit emblems product description on p. 86 of the 2014-15 catalog is correct. We regret that the photo illustration on p. 77 of the catalog is misleading, in that it does show a complete two years worth of Discovery Emblems on the Ultimate Adventure uniform but not a complete two years worth of silver and gold emblems. (This is especially confusing in a year when we did in fact change the allotment of awards to sections for the reasons stated above.)

We apologize for the confusion. Look for an update to the page as well, with specific information on correct usage and suggested placement of the new extra-credit emblems.

I agree that the milestones are good to encourage clubbers. Please share your thoughts by commenting below.


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  1. Since we give the patches for every 2 siver/gold do they still get the pin when they complete all of them or are we doing away with the pins.

    1. If you look in the current Awana catalog (2015-16), then you will notice that the T&T Extra Credit Pins (Gold and Silver pins) are no longer available. The patches have replaced the pins.

  2. How do we award for the bonus questions? I haven’t seen anything that shows us what award and when.

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