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Twas the Night Before CPC


During our road trip to CPC, I mentioned that I was going to write a blog post tonight entitled Twas the night before CPC. The following is a collaboration between myself, Ken Baker, Lanty and Tammie Moss. We hope you enjoy this post.


Twas the night before CPC and all through the center
not a children’s pastor was stirring, not even a mentor

The speakers were going over their presentations
hoping to leave some lasting impressions

Matt and the staff said a prayer that he led
Then he went to his room where he rested his head

When down in the resource hall there was such a noise
I sprang from my chair to see the latest kidmin toys

Away to the entrance I flew in a flash
I opened the door and pulled out my cash

I was ready to purchase the latest kidmin gear
but I soon realized that the time was not near.

For there among the tables was Michayla White
refusing to sleep until all was done right

Checking each booth so lively and quick
I saw that she was top notch and slick

Taking a minute and viewing each stall
she pulled out her clipboard to check on them all

Awana, Kidology, and the Aetherlight
Lifeway, Group, Orange, it was quite a sight

Matt and his team had bathed this in prayer
for all the attendees who soon would be there

Finally knowing her work was complete
she sat down her clipboard and went off to sleep

As she departed the room and went out of sight
she prayed, “happy conference to all, and to all a good night”.


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