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Vantage “Pre-Con”

Photo Courtesy of AwanaI arrived at the Home Office of Awana Thursday afternoon where I met with the other bloggers and some of the Awana staff. It was a great “get to know you” session where we got to hear each others heart for ministry and Awana’s heart for ministry. There was so much wisdom present in that room and a great desire to reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Some of the things shared were how to get parents engaged in disciplng their children, resources to provide to parents, the great resources Awana is developing for youth ministry, and more.

We learned that along with those in attendance at the Awana Home Office, there are 100’s of places where people will watch the live stream, not just in the U.S., there will be people watching from New Zealand!!!

What am I looking forward to at Vantage? Hearing from Sean McDowell & Josh Griffin who are helping develop the new Journey material. Hearing from Michael Scarbrough about what they’ve learned over the year about Mozo and that is just the beginning!

Follow me on Twitter and the hashtag #AwanaVantage to keep up with the day’s events. I hope to post at least once during Vantage, and more as I’m able. There may be additional posts through the week next week as well as there will be so much to share and so little time to listen, type, and post during the conference.

I am excited to hear from the many speakers and to share it with you.


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