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Ways to Teach Memory Verses

By Gil & Jami

  • Read the verse with the clubber. Do they understand the meaning of the words? Do they understand the meaning of the whole verse?
  • Read the verse over & over, phrase by phrase, ask the clubber to repeat the phrase, adding more words to it as the learn it.
  • Read the verse, emphasizing different words. This actually works best with younger children who will actually memorize the tone of your voice and word emphasis.
  • Create pictures to represent the words of the verse (or have them create the pictures)
  • Put the text to music
  • Give the verses a title
  • Record the verse on a cassette and play it over and over.
  • Write out the verse. Then cut it into pieces. Have the clubbers put pieces together to form the verse.
  • Tape a different letter on the clubber’s feet. Call out the first word of the verse. Clubbers must form that word by manipulating their feet to spell the word in the correct order.
  • Assign each clubber a different word of the verse and go around the room with each clubber saying his or her word. Do it faster. Change starting points so clubbers have different words.
  • Give each clubber an index card that is divided into days of the week. Each day the child practices, her verses for at least ten minutes have a parent sign the card.
  • After a child learns a verse, have them repeat it to parents, grandparents, neighbors, etc. If the clubber says the verse word-perfect, the adult can put their initials by the verse. They can receive small prizes for each adult who signs the book.
  • Encourage clubbers to write their verses on index cards and carry the cards with them wherever they go.
  • Encourage them to learn their verses in the car or right before bed, when an adult is present to help.
  • Write out the verses once a day for a week.
  • Encourage clubbers to USE the verse whenever they can.
  • Challenge a clubber who has difficulty saying a verse to teach it to a parent or leader.
  • Write the verse on a chalkboard, erase one word at a time, and repeat the verse. You could also use a flannel graph or dry/erase board to do the same thing.
  • Encourage clubbers to repeat the verse once an hour, perhaps when they hear the clock strike twelve.
  • Play a game of memorizing Mania. Write down different instructions on a set of cards. Clubbers choose a card and repeat the verse according to instructions. (Examples are: say the verse with a friend, whisper the verse, turn around, and say the verse, etc.)
  • Leave out a word and have the clubbers tell you which word is missing.
  • Design (or have them design) posters focusing on each verse.
  • Make a set of cards. Put the reference on one side of the card and the verse on the other. Clubbers choose a card and say the verse. (Any kind of flashcard game would work with this)
  • Make a memory game. Match the references with the verse.
  • Plan a verse bee, similar to a spelling bee
  • Hang a paper clip from the ceiling. For each verse said, attach another paper clip. When the paper clips hit the floor, have a special treat such as pizza or ice cream.
  • Make the Bible interesting for kids. Challenge them with interesting facts. (Examples: How many wise men were there? Why did David put 5 stones in his sling)
  • After clubbers sign in, they go to their color lines. A designated leader walks around the lines asking clubbers to say verses or answer Bible questions. Clubbers who know the answers receive extra points for their team.
  • Reverse Bible drills. Quote the verse and have the clubber find the reference. (Works great for review!!)
  • Give extra points to clubbers who find the verse in the Bible before saying it.
  • Ask clubbers to explain the verse in their own words.
  • A clubber from each team comes to the center circle. Leader calls out a book of the Bible. The leader then calls out another book of the Bible. Clubbers must g right or left depending on whether the second book comes before or after the first book.
  • Allow two clubbers working on the same verse to practice together.
  • Allow clubbers who have already learned a verse to help a clubber who hasn’t learned it yet.
  • Check out the book on memory – Written on our hearts by Susan Lingo, published by Zondervan. This book includes chapters on the importance of Scripture Memory, the way we memorize and strategies of memorization. The book also includes several memory games and activities to aid children in learning verses. Reproducible sheets are included with the games.
  • Check out the book on memory – 52 Ways to teach memory verses. This book simply gives 52 different ideas, including games and reproducible sheets to teach memory verses.
  • Buy the Walk through the Bible flashcards and use them to teach clubbers books of the Bible (37550 OT/NT)
  • Create Flash Cards of the verses and have them use the reference to identify the verse or vice versa.
  • Create a puzzle out of the verses
  • Popcorn – after reading the verse through several times and explaining it, start reciting it, butt stop after three or four words. The group pops up and says the next word. Then the leader says a few more words then stops. Then the clubber pops down while saying the next word. Continue through the verse several times.
  • Footprints – Cut out footprints. Write one word other verse on each print. Have the clubber arrange the prints in the correct order on the floor. Then have them walk on the footprints saying the verse aloud. Repeat as often as needed.
  • Memorizing Mania – write out different instructions on a set of cards. The clubber can choose a card and repeat the verse according to instructions. Instruction examples: say verse with a friend, whisper verse, turn around and say verse, clap and say the verse, sing the verse, etc.
  • Memory Game – Write out the verses on cards and the references on others. Have the clubbers match the verses and references (or break the verse into 2 parts and use those as the matches) while playing the game “Memory”


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