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What’s on the Horizon for Awana? Part 3

Clubs are frequently seeking fresh content for large group time. Awana is coming through once again as it releases TruthSeekers. TruthSeekers Vol 1 Resources Council TimeTruthSeekers Volume 1 Lesson One – Lesson Thirty Three will be released first with Vol 2-4 to come.

TruthSeekers covers the Bible from Genesis through Revelation.  Volume 1 is Genesis through Exodus where God Delivers Israel at the Red Sea.

This is a reformatted edition of the former leader based program.  We have added a special feature activity for each lesson and a take home cartoon.  This has been tested in Council Time with Sparks and T&T.  It can also be a stand alone leader based curriculum.

So as you are planning the council time for the fall, or looking for lessons for a summertime program, or whatever, the TruthSeekers lessons will be a valuable resource for you. Please take a look at it as it becomes available soon.

So it’s taken me three days to cover some of what Awana has on the horizon. I’ll keep you informed as information on other items that Awana has on the horizon become available.


(The TruthSeekers image is the property of Awana and KidzMatter and is used on by permission. Use of these images by any other party must have express written consent by Awana and/or KidzMatter)

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