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What Happens When There is Unity?


Last year I was a guest of Awana for a Blogger Summit as they introduced their “new branding”. As Awana shared about the “new direction” they were embarking, I inquired of some Awana missionaries that I know and asked them their thoughts. The one thing that they said was that there was a greater sense of unity at Awana. So what happens when there is unity?

power_of_unityThis year, I am honored to be a guest of Awana for their first Vantage conference. As we met with various Awana personnel before the conference, I was very impressed by the things I heard that only God could accomplish.

God continually speaks of unity. What happens when there is unity? God opens doors! Right now, God is opening doors for Awana in ways they did not imagine. The doors are opening so quickly that it seems like the resources available are not keeping up with the opportunities, but we know that God will provide.

There are times when people speak of unity, but it is a false unity. Where people show unity to the outside world, or to a church or organization’s membership, but within the ranks, there is disunity and division. When that happens, the “house of cards” falls. I am not seeing that at Awana. I am seeing a true sense of unity and I see God using that unity to do great things for Him.

Psalm 133:1 says,

Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!

When we dwell in unity, and work together, God will do great things. I see that at Awana.

What are you seeing in your church? in your club?


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  1. Bill, Thanks for these words. All across Awana we are seeking God to lead us and, as we say to each other, “We are moving forward on our knees.”
    Only God!

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