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What is a help during handbook time?


We all have them. A clubber who struggles to learn, or who knows that they get two helps and so they use them. But what is a help?

A help is defined in the role books as “any sort of assistance that you give a clubber. A help should not include more than three or four words.” Per the T&T Leader Guidebook, a help consists of three words or less.

So if you hold up four fingers for the word “For”, then that is a help. Be creative giving helps, but they should help. If you give a “help”, besides words, and it doesn’t help, is it really a help?

Also keep in mind that it is two helps per section. That means that ALL requirements for the section must be completed at one time with no more than two helps for the entire section, not each verse, or each portion.

Keep in mind that standards can be modified for children with difficulty learning and if a clubber excels, then they should be able to recite it without any helps.

Below is a classic video that typifies a handbook time session. Veteran leaders should be able to relate and new leaders can use this to learn from, because you will see it. So after you watch the video, if you were Andy (the handbook time listener), would you sign off the section for Barney (the clubber)?

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  1. Nope! Barney doesn’t have a chance right now! My husband just said “That sounds like Awana.”

  2. You’re right Sharon, Barney would not get that section signed off. But that does show how some of the clubbers try to complete a section 🙂

  3. What a great video. I will use that in our leader training. Thanks for presenting it.

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