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What Legacy Will You Leave?

With the May 21, 2011 judgement day prediction gaining a lot of press, it draws me to ask the question, “What legacy will I leave when I am no longer on the earth?”

If a person knows the end is near, they generally try to impart as much knowledge and wisdom on others as they can. They share what is most important to them.

Driving to work this morning, the local Christian radio station was talking about “judgement day” and not giving it much credibility and the question of the day for listeners to respond to was, “if this was your last day on earth, what would you do, for fun, or see, what would you do?” I was surprised by that. If we knew this was our last day on earth, and the Gospel was important to us, wouldn’t we want to share it with as many people as possible without reserve? Would we be so selfish as to do something “fun” our last day and not share with others about what was to come?

As I write this, I am also looking at myself and wondering what I would really do if I knew this was my last day on earth – so I am also looking critically at myself.

So as we face “judgement day” tomorrow (as some believe), ask yourself, what kind of legacy would you leave? How have you impacted the lives of others? How would you be remembered?

Take this time and see if your life is glorifying God, and what kind of legacy you might leave?

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