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It is probably one of the most important things we need, and one of the things people leading children’s ministry rarely receive. What is it? A time of refreshing, a time of true worship.


One of the many things I cherish at children’s ministry conferences is the time we, as children’s ministry leaders, can relax and enjoy a time for worship.

So often if you lead children’s ministry, your focus is on the ministry to the children. You may not be able to physically be in the service because of your responsibilities and when you are in the service, your focus is on the safety, security, and how things are going in the ministry area which you are responsible.

I know this for a fact because I lived it. I have told church leadership that for some important church-wide events that I would not be responsible for providing childcare for the event. The reason was because if I was responsible, then my focus would be on the children instead of where it needed to be, the event, at that time. It was accepted, but it was not received well.

Being at a conference allows me, and you, to focus on what is important. Acknowledging our Lord and worshiping Him. That is a much needed time of refreshing for many involved in children’s ministry and I am glad I for conferences and events that allows those serving that much needed time.

How about you? When was the last time you could truly relax and focus on God?


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  1. So true! This year I’ve had the opportunity through CPC, a Good Friday service at another church and a ladies conference to participate in worship with no strings attached–no responsibilities– and it was much needed! What I realized is that I’ve probably spent more time in corporate worship this year than in the past couple of years combined. If we aren’t careful it can slip by without us really noticing. Thanks for a great reminder and encouragement!

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