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What’s Happening with Awana Events?


EventsLinkHave you seen the Awana Ministry Catalog for the 2014-15 year? If you’re like me, you always scan through looking for what’s new from Awana. Some things that you will notice are awards for Bible Quizzing and AwanaGames. That may lead you to ask why they are there.

Awana has restructured the role of Awana missionaries. The missionary is no longer permitted to organize regional Awana events. The role of the missionary is to help reach more kids for Christ. By removing them from the responsibility of running events, frees them up to visit clubs, or to participate in conferences, or other ways to reach more kids.

The way events will be handled will vary from region to region. There are basically two ways that events will be handled:

Event Coordinators will run events through the state entities

This method will be the most seamless since the event would still be run by ministry team members under the state entity of Awana in your region.

Individual Churches may host and run events

The awards are in the catalog for churches to purchase to run their own events. They can run them solely for themselves, or open it up to other churches/clubs to participate (similar to the current set-up). The difference? The church is the one responsible for the rules and all aspects of the event. They may follow the previous Awana rulebooks, or modify them for their event.

How will events be handled in your area? For the answer to that, you will need to contact your local missionary to see how your missionaries have chosen to approach events.


What are your thoughts about this new approach to events by Awana?


Updated: July 2, 2014 — 8:09 pm

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  1. I’m disappointed in this decision as this is really the only time most of the established clubs interact with our Awana missionary. Anyway, i’m trying to come up with ideas on how to run an in club/intramural Quizzing and Games events. I can see the Games, but the Quizzing would be hard to duplicate inside our own club. Are there ideas out there?

  2. I’ve been out of T&T for a few years. Now at a new church, I’ll be coach again [using your study guides]. I know our current Missionary does nothing, no interaction, with our Journey club, but didn’t realize they’d been pulled from Games/Quiz too. This does seem to distance them from up and running clubs and create an inconsistency in procedures for quiz, but I guess I’ll adapt and learn the new playbook.

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