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What’s on the Horizon for Awana?

As one Awana year ends, clubs begin to plan for the next year and some even order supplies early to avoid any potential price increases. Over the last few weeks, the Awana missionaries were at headquarters learning about what’s new in Awana and receiving ongoing training. There is a lot going on and so I will not cover all of the the items today. Watch for more information tomorrow. So from my hidden cameras and microphones at Awana HQ (just kidding, I have no surveillance equipment installed at HQ), I present the following:


As I posted on my Facebook page and on my web site Saturday evening, Cubbies is in the process of being reviewed and updated. Everyone is being encouraged to order only what they require for the year for the Jumper curriculum as the plan is to have the curriculum revised when the Jumper year would be scheduled to return in the fall of 2013. Consequently, this is the last year that the current Jumper curriculum is scheduled to be utilized.


There have been several comments regarding the Sparks wings, jewels falling out, etc. Awana has heard the concerns of the local club and is working to remedy the issues.

The picture is one taken when the missionaries were shown the updates to the various clubs while at training at HQ. The jewels are being  redesigned and remanufactured to hold better in the wing. If you look at the picture, they jewels show a point similar to the T&T bones. I personally have not seen that design, but the jewels and bones will no longer have the point on the end to help insert it into the wing. Rather that point will be rounded (as shown) to help insert, but not have the sharp end. The design should help hold the jewel in to the wing without “poking” the clubber.

Truth & Training Ultimate Adventure

The bones have also been redesigned to eliminate the point at the end, similar to how the jewels are shown above.

Truth & Training General

As noted by Awana via their Twitter a while ago, the Rave Review certificates which were discontinued are being replaced with patches. The patches will be available with the new catalog and should be a greater incentive for some to work toward that goal of learning God’s Word and the things of God.

The newest T&T Trading card series have begun to ship. If you order T&T trading cards, you will now receive the series in a green package as opposed to the blue package series that was available most of last year.

Watch for more information tomorrow about new things from Awana.

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  1. The jewels stay in alright, but they are impossible to get in the wings. I use a knife to enlarge the holes, but it is still very hard. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    1. We also have found that the Jewels are very difficult to install in the wings, even with the Jewel Tool
      we have tried several techniques other than trying to enlarge the holes which would be a labor-intensive feat for sure, we are very open to suggestions, thank you…

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