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Why I Attend CPC

For those who do not know what CPC stands for, it is the Children’s Pastors Conference. I am not currently serving as a children’s pastor, and I am not in a decision making position as to what curriculum is used. So why would I take my personal vacation time from my FT job to attend CPC?

The answer is four-fold:

First, it is the inspirational general sessions. Serving in children’s ministry, there may be times when you are not able to attend the worship service in your home church. Even when you are able to attend the service, often times your thoughts are on the children and how things are going. CPC give me the opportunity to have a time of worship where I can focus on Him, and Him alone.

Second, it is the resource center. Full of various publishers of children’s ministry material. When talking to others in children’s ministry, it is good to know what other materials are out there to reach children with the Gospel.

Third, it is the networking. I have met several people passionate about reaching children with the Gospel with the gifts and talents that God has given then. I have made friendships with people I would have never imagined. I could list several, but I do not want to be a name dropper. I will be good to see several of these friends again, and to initiate friendships with others. When you struggle, or have questions, in ministry, it is good to have a network of people that you consult for advice, prayer, and support.

Fourth, it is the breakout sessions. Learning from others in children’s ministry to help enhance how I reach the children that God has brought my way.

This year at CPC I am looking forward to seeing many from Awana who I have come to know. It is always good to spend time with so many who have a desire to reach children for Him.

I hope to see you at a conference soon.

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