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Why I Do What I Do

Last week as I listened to the call-in show run by Kidmin1124 over on CMConnect, I heard a new segment which I really liked. It was called “Why I do What I Do”. It is designed for the panel to share why they serve in Children’s Ministry. The small “glimpses” that God gives us of the impact we are having on children’s lives and the way God encourages us through others. So I thought I would share some of why I serve in Awana and in children’s ministry.

  • When my parents passed away, there were two children who I heard specifically had reactions: one lived out of state and was concerned for me and his family offered to return to help comfort me, and the other young man insisted to his mother that he wanted to come to the viewing. That really touched me and showed that I am having an impact in these young lives.
  • The parents of a child sent an e-mail to the staff of the church sharing how each of us had a specific impact on their children. That specificity was an encouragement to me.
  • It is the smile of a child when they see me, the excitement in their eyes as they “get it” and as they memorize God’s Word.
  • The handwritten notes from children thanking me for being there, and all that I’ve done.

That is just a small list. Yes, it can be discouraging at times, and for those times, I encourage you to maintain a box, or file with the small notes that children and parents have sent. When you have times of discouragement, look at the notes and be encouraged that God does use you, even when you may not think you are having an impact.

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