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Why I Love Halloween

This time of year can be difficult for people serving in Children’s Ministry. How do you balance the strong presence of evil that surrounds it, while understanding that most see it as a fun, harmless tradition?

I strongly believe that we are daily in a spiritual battle and I struggle when it comes to Halloween as parents and children plan for their costumes and activities with seeming disregard for the spiritual battle we face.  How can I support such activity when I see the battle? Ultimately, I have to fall back on the fact that it is the parent’s decision as to what they do with the day, and I can offer advice and guidance as they allow.

There is a reason why I love Halloween though…. it is the one day when children and families will come to your door expecting you to give them something. Last night, the doors to our church building were open and children and families came by to receive gifts from us. While most may not normally stop by, many did on this night as they walked the streets “trick or treating”. We provided hot chocolate for everyone and candy for the children, making information about the church available. While not all churches can do this, our facility sits in the midst of a community and could easily participate in this way. There was no mention of Halloween, no costumes, etc, just people showing God’s love, being a part of the community and opening our doors to them.

You see, Jesus tells us that we are a light in this dark world. While people may leave the darkness to come to the Light, often we need to take that Light into the darkness to pull them out.

I still struggle with Halloween, Christmas and Easter traditions, but this is one way we can embrace the culture and open our doors, showing the Light, as they willingly come to us.

Are you willing to enter the “darkness” to reach others for Him? Or do you hide from darkness, sit comfortably in the Light and hope they come to you?



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