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Why I serve

I was once asked by an associate pastor at a church about my past and if I had come to know Jesus because of a “major” event in my life. When I told him “no”, and that I grew up in the church he seemed surprised because he had noticed that most people who devote a lot of time for service for our Lord are those who God has brought out of a rough life or something.

The real reason that I serve as much as I do, besides what Jesus did for me, is that it was modeled by my parents. We were in church “all the time” and they were serving in various ares within the church (as well as scouts). Another thing that I think helped as well is that as a youth, I was given the opportunity to serve in various ways – and I don’t mean in VBS or going away on a mission trip. Being involved in the daily life of the church showed me that I was part of the Body of Christ and an important member of the church. Serving became a natural way to live out God’s love. After all, doesn’t James remind us that faith without works is dead?

We bring children to faith, but then we often don’t give them a way to show it by serving.

If you’re a parent, then how are you modeling service for your children?

If you’re serving in Children’s ministry, then what opportunities are you providing for the children who have professed faith in Jesus to help them live out their faith in service?

I’ll provide a list of possible ideas tomorrow.

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  1. Joanna Vanderkooi

    This is my story, and my thoughts exactly! As a PK, this is what I lived, and am so glad to have done so. I still love Him, and choose to still serve Him, especially in youth ministry. Thank You, Lord, and Commander Bill, for hitting the nail on the head.

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