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A Review of the Wonder Blimp of Knowledge

I recently ordered and received the newest venture between Awana and Jellyfish Labs (Phil Vischer) – i.e. I did not get a free copy to review. It’s called Clive & Ian’s Wonder Blimp of Knowledge. A DVD with 8 lessons for large group time for Awana.

You will see all of the familiar characters from the What’s in the Bible Series that is being developed by Phil Vischer as well as the new Awana at Home Kit w/ Jelly Telly. The format is simply a child asking a question, and then they go to the Wonder Blimp of Knowledge (though there is some debate as to what the air ship should be called) to find the answer to the question. I’m not quite sure why the Wonder Blimp of Knowledge has to be the intermediary between the question and the answer, but it is a cute concept none the less.

Along with the DVD is a discussion guide to talk with the children after they view the DVD. The video segments last about 7 – 8 minutes which allows plenty of time for discussion. The Awana web site’s description is:

Amusing JellyTelly® video clips for Large Group Time answer kids’ questions about God. In this DVD, Phil Vischer’s popular puppet characters Clive and Ian explore spiritual themes. Invite your kids along for the adventure! A 16-page booklet gives leaders segues and questions to spark discussions about each of the eight video segments. Fun take-home cards are included. Give one to each child after showing the DVD

The topics covered are:

  • God is Creator
  • God is All-Knowing
  • God is Everywhere
  • God is Love
  • God is All-Powerful
  • God is Faithful
  • God is Truthful
  • God is Eternal

The DVD is well done, and I only have a few concerns…

1) The description and the DVD case both reference giveaway/take home cards for the children however they are not referenced in the discussion guide. The only card I saw was a promo card for the Awana at Home Kit with some knock knock jokes. I thought that maybe the cards were printable from the DVD, but I did not see them there either, so I do not know what the cards are, or if they exist. I will be checking with Awana on this.

2) Awana has released two DVD’s in the last few years called the In Flight Movie (for Sparks) and Station Brakes for Awana at Home. These are both quality products but they only produced the one. In my personal opinion, I thought that having more of those DVD’s would have been good. I was disappointed when they only produced the one volume of each. I have the same concern, that there may only be this one volume; but that does not take away from it’s quality. I will be checking with Awana to see if they plan additional volumes.

All in all, a good product for an occasional large group time (or at home) and I would recommend it.

You can purchase it by clicking here…

Note, I am giving away a free copy of the DVD November 6, 2010. Check the community for details.

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