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Your Actions Speak The Truth

I’m sure that you’ve heard it said before, actions speak louder than words. Sometimes we may not be sure what our actions are saying. I’m sure that at times my actions may be different than what I am saying. I’ve learned that the “bottom line” is that people are going to do what is important to them.

I’ve been in the midst of discussions as to which night to hold Awana, Sunday or Wednesday, and I may face that discussion one more time. I’ve heard how important Awana was to people and their “arguments” as to why one night is better than another. Yes there are some nights that work well for different people. Some may be able to attend on Sunday while others may not. Through all of the discussions, I’ve come to learn that no matter what is stated during those times, people will do what is important to them. Their actions will speak the truth about priorities. This truth was once again made real to me yesterday in two completely separate incidents where people’s actions spoke volumes (at least to me) about their priorities.

What are your actions telling others about your priorities?

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